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This is the official website about the micronation of Cräiteland.

General Information

In case you do not know about the micronation of Cräiteland, here are some basic facts about us.

Cräiteland is an island micronation, situated in northern Micras, in equivalent to Earth sizes, Cräiteland is roughly the same size as the real-world nation of Kazakhstan, and has a total equivalent population of around 10,000,000.

The capital city is Cherry Trees, which is in the north of the largest island (Jedu-ó-Cräite). There are four other cities in Cräiteland, these are Osĵätoṇ, Hänävissen-ó-Cräiteland, Biulya, and Xäiville. There are also six provinces; Cherry Trees, JeduKlevets-ó-Sdaa, Metzreäiĵer, Obsĵaiduṇ, and Unstjeiädón.

Each major island has its own name too. The largest is called Jedu-ó-Cräite. The two largest island after the main island are called Jedu-ó-Kuiĵ and Jedu-ó-Carä. The word "jedu" (pronounced "ye'doo") is the Craitish word for "island".

The original Craitish homeland was that of the three island off the east coast of the continent of Corum. These are now home to the historic capital, Hóm City. Cräiteland also lays claim to some land on the continent of Cibola, named Zandarijn SAR. This is considered Craitish land but governs itself. New Vaduz and is a similar Craitish territory, and is situated in central Keltia. A small stretch of coastline on the continent of Keltia is also claimed for Cräiteland. This over-seas territory is named Incóntinentija, and was claimed to improve trade between other allied nations. New South Vietnam was once a Craitish SAR (similar to Zandarijn), but this island off the east coast of Keltia is now under Britannic rule.


The Craitish flag (known as Oesst-Cräite to the Craitish peoples) is white (for peace), red (for its associations with England), blue (for its associations with Scotland and Sweden) and purple for the joining of all of these to form Cräiteland. The black "C" stands for the country's name.

external image crub8.png

The Craitish coat of arms was designed to be used on all official documents. The main shield holds the national flower of Cräiteland - the Pelle Rose, which has both red and white petals. The shield to the left (with the blue and white design) is the shield of the Pellegrino family, and the shield to the right (with red and yellow diagonal stripes) is the shield of the Chentzansio family. Pellegrino and Chentzansio are the names of the two biggest families in Craitish history. The banner underneath reads "Vycasio yhn Honór" - this is Cräiteland's motto, and means "Bravery in Honour". The golden cross, at the top, is Cräiteland's national symbol, and the crown is that of the King of Cräiteland. In March 2007, the original design was changed to a more older-looking design. And in May 2007, the design was changed again to the one below.

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